Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Having families pay for the computer raises serious questions of equity.
What happens to large families and those with fixed incomes or other financial constraints?
How can we knowingly set up a situation of haves and have nots in the free education system? Andrew Boot a parent at BSWP who attended the Student Council on the13th of September and works for Pearson Australia the education publishers is what you would call an expert although he made the disclaimer that he works for the opposition in this situation, at the meeting he pointed out that computer access has to be uniform, the system cannot work where there are children sharing computers, it is the same with textbooks, you cannot have some children without a book. They will get left behind.
I suspect many parents have signed up for this reason and I am so disappointed that all the other reasonable and fair choices which can bring IT to the classroom without families being forced to buy a netbook have never even been broached. WHY?????

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